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Biblical Future Events

Description of Biblical Future Events


Biblical Future Events was prepared to be a comprehensive outline summary of Bible prophecy.  That is, what the Bible says will happen in the future.  It is primarily based on many scripture quotations and references.  It is not intended to explain the Bible.  And, it is not intended to be extremely detailed in all the events of the future.  The Bible is a trustworthy message that God has given to mankind.  As such, the Bible should be read and believed.  May God use Biblical Future Events to His glory.

All scripture is from the NIV (1984 copyright) unless otherwise indicated.

Author Information
Ronald E. Wales was born in 1934.  He studied chemical engineering (BS 1957 University of Illinois and MS 1960 Purdue University) and worked 40 years for Texaco in refineries and in refinery design.  He is happily married and has two sons.  He trusted Jesus Christ as his savior in 1955, and has been a long time student of God’s word.

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